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Skyworkers Group offers experienced, innovative and reliable engineered scaffolding solutions that provide access for construction/demolition, and bridging systems for Commercial, High Rise, Industrial and Event projects.

A Thorough Service

All works undertaken by Skyworkers Group follow a step by step process commencing with consultation with the client, discussing solutions followed by construction. At completion of the build, dismantling and removal of all equipment from site is undertaken.

Safety is paramount when providing access solutions, and is the foundation upon which all of our processes are created. Each project we undertake is site specific and governed by established safety and legislative requirements. We pride ourselves in being compliant to all Australian standards.

Our Approach

Limited only by imagination, Skyworkers Group prides itself on being able to provide solutions that other access companies simply cannot. Combining experience and a superior product, we are able to ‘reach’ where our competitors cannot. We specialise in using the ‘Layher Allround’ scaffold system which has the highest load rating available in its field.

Our scaffolding equipment is manufactured in Germany and boasts certification of DIN ISO 9001:2008 (German Institute for Standardisation) which provides a higher load rating across its working platforms than any competitor. Our product can deliver diverse applications that basic scaffold simply cannot. Its multiple functionality provides a 360 degree placement that allows our components more flexible options.

Our extensive knowledge and training in our product range allows our application to become efficient while always maintaining a the highest safety standards.